Lynne Somerman
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Stop feeling so stupid and sad about money.

No depressing dates with a spreadsheet necessary, pinky promise


Feel like you’ve lost control of your money?

You're not alone. 

My name is Lynne, and I started doing financial coaching because I believe in the power of budgeting (already, you can tell, I'm so fun at parties). In all seriousness, though, budgeting and managing my finances mindfully pulled me out of financial trouble, and gave me the emotional strength to live confidently and sleep deeply.

Putting my mind over my money was a bigger rush than anything I’ve ever bought. If it was up to me, those shopping montages in ‘80s movies would be replaced with a shot of the main character kicking back with a glass of wine, reviewing her budget and smiling.

Why? Because getting a handle on your finances — once and for all —  is sanity saving. It’s liberation. It’s freedom. It’s stability. It’s the ultimate act of self-care. And don’t we all need a little more of that in our lives?


How can I help?



Learn how to budget your money in a way that changes your life, NBD. I have been using You Need a Budget (YNAB) for well over a decade and have taught hundreds of people how to use this system. Take one of my LIVE workshops and turn into a raving YNAB fan (don’t say I didn’t warn you).



Are you looking for dedicated, 1:1 help figuring out, well, more than just a budget? Does the idea of having a coach by your side to help you not only up your skills (I’ve produced literally hundreds of budget ninjas) but also learn to address your relationship with money and stop sabotaging all your best efforts? (Yes, that is a thing!)



Take my brain on a one-night stand. We’ll go out on the (digital) town for an hour, you’ll ask me your pressing financial questions, and I’ll tell you what to do next. Followup 30 min session included. 


Clients Say WHAT?!

"[This is] really going to change the trajectory of the rest of our lives"

Not only is this a system we're going to be able to use, but I think it's a system that's really going to change the trajectory of the rest of our lives. I wanted someone like Lynne, so we could get all the right input and get it taken care of and get it going the right way and have someone we can trust and rely on like Lynne to direct us. For years we’ve tried to implement a budget and it just never worked, it never clicked, it never made sense. We've hired a Dave Ramsey person, we hired an accountant, we tried Excel...and for the first time I feel like I could probably do this without your help.

-Aaron G., Georgia

"Lynne totally reframed budgeting for me"

Lynne will teach you the tools that you need to make and stick to a budget, and ask you the hard questions (in a nice way) to make you think through your spending choices. Lynne totally reframed budgeting for me from a dirty word to just another way to think about prioritizing what I want, which is actually fun!

-Kate C., Seattle


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Not sure where to start? 

Let me take you by the hand (I’m totally winking right now)...

Join my free 5-day challenge to get clarity on your money situation in just 5 minutes a day (you bring the wine, I’ll bring the financial knowledge bombs).