Lynne Somerman
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You, my friend, are amazing.

 You might think I’m blowing smoke up your ass for saying that.

Hi, let me introduce myself. I’m Lynne, and I categorically do not blow smoke up anyone’s ass.

I think you’re amazing because there’s nothing more vulnerable than asking for help. For sending up that white flag that says “I give up” (on doing this alone, on trying 2309420398 things and ending up with a phone full of apps and a whole lot of impostor syndrome, on living one more day without feeling confident and clear about your money).

I admire vulnerability. Big time.

So just by filling out this application below, you’re signaling something to me - that you’re willing to do big hard things. That you’re ready to do something different this time. That you’re making a commitment to yourself and your future, to your freedom and options.

Even better, though? You’re signaling the same thing to yourself.

Can’t wait to meet you.