Is Budgeting Worth All The Work?

Budgeting can feel like a chore. It takes up time, it takes up your mental energy and space. It requires a new habit in your life that’s already really busy and frankly, you’re having a hard enough time as it is keeping up with all the other ‘shoulds’. You ‘should’ exercise more, you ‘should’ be drinking more water and less wine, you ‘should’ be making home-cooked meals for your kids every day, you ‘should’ call your mother more often, you ‘should’ be saving for retirement and saving for college and...ugh. It’s a lot of ‘should’s.

Is budgeting worth all the work? by The Wiser Miser. Is budgeting worth all the work? This is why you should be looking at your home budget and setting up a budget management system.

So why ‘should’ you be adding budgeting to that list? I could go into a long, long bulleted list, but since you’re so busy, let me have one of my clients tell you a story:

I'm SO glad we connected! I truly have a relationship with money I didn't even know was possible. Thank you. Next month, we're going to celebrate our anniversary by staying overnight, by ourselves!, at a local resort. (A word about that: I found a new one, in my budget, because the OG was more than I chose to budget -- we're so excited both about the resort, and sleeping through the night for the 1st time in ~3 years!!!) A word about this 1 example to really drive home how valuable you choosing to do this work is: Before working with you, I would have pulled out the credit card, *hoped* I had enough money to cover it, did it anyway, and then spent SO much energy *wondering* if I should have done it, before, during and after this "nice" thing I planned for us. Now, we're just going -- it's in the budget! And, the *experience* that brings me, and my whole family, is incredibly moving: I get to just be with my family and have fun, instead of being with my wondering about money. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You gave me tools, yes, but the impact you have had has given me my family. It's the most important thing. *happy tears*

What I did with this client is help her set up a budget, and answer a bunch of questions about how to prioritize things and how to use the information her budget gives her to make better decisions. I didn’t earn her more money, I didn’t make her clip coupons, and I didn’t make her feel bad about her spending patterns or get into a fight with her husband about his. I just helped her understand what the big picture of her finances was and understand how having the right information at the right time helps her see things differently. The result? More family time, more fun, less stress. Sounds pretty dreamy to me.

So what do you think, is having a budget worth the work? Tell me what you think in the comments below!