No one knows what they're doing with money

As you start to work on your finances, you’ll probably find that it’s a lot more work than you thought. There’s a lot more nuance, there are a lot of decisions. There’s a lot to learn. (That’s where I come in).

On top of that, whenever you start to work on your money, a lot of feelings come up. Confusion. Overwhelm. Anger. Fear. Shame.

Let’s talk about that last one. Shame.

Where does shame come from?

Personal Finance Advice || No one knows what they are doing with money by The Wiser Miser. This is why you're confused about how to make money.

Shame comes from comparing ourselves with other people. From feeling like we don’t measure up. Like we did something dumb that other people somehow knew to avoid.

Does it feel to you like everyone around you knows what they’re doing when it comes to money? Like your friends and colleagues all are following some map that you never got to see?

You need to know something:

No one knows what they’re doing with money.

No one knows where their money is all going.

No one knows how best to handle their bookkeeping.

No one knows what bank account structure is the best for them.

No one knows how much they’re supposed to save.

No one knows what they’re supposed to do about their kids college funds.

No one knows how to put aside all of their feelings about money.

(OK, “No one” is a slight exaggeration, but outside the finance industry, it’s close.)

Everyone is a bit confused. Everyone is a bit concerned. Everyone feels like throwing their hands up in the face of all of it, sometimes. Everyone wishes they just didn’t have to think about money at all.

I talk to people whose incomes range from $20K per year, to those who make 7 figures. Every one of them says “I just don’t know where it’s all going.”

Every. One. Of. Them.

And when I ask people “what have you been doing to manage your money so far?”, about 95% answer with one of the following:

  • “Uh, I just make enough money that I don’t have to worry about the bills, but it’s not really working.”, or

  • “I just don’t spend any money.”

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The other 5% say “I tried [insert name of some financial app here] and I dunno, I think it’s helping?”

I’m telling you this because I want you to understand that when you start to crack open the shell that has built up around your financial life (through willpower, or maybe through inertia) and you start to feel that old familiar shame creeping in…

You’re not alone.

You aren’t alone in your shame, fear, overwhelm, and confusion.

And you aren’t alone in your desire to be rid of those things.

So keep going, and be proud of the steps you’re taking. The fact that you’ve turned your attention to this work and are beginning means you’re light years ahead of those folks that look like they’ve got it all together.

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