Two Cents Tuesday - Spring Clean Your Finances

Ah, springtime! Now that Easter and Passover are behind us, it’s full on spring-cleaning time. I don’t know about you, but my house needs a good airing out (and my yard needs an emergency responder).

In this Two Cents Tuesday video, I’m talking about some spring cleaning you can do to your finances. After all, spring often feels like a mini-new year. A great time to reexamine things and check in on your goals, like:

  • Getting life insurance like the good adult that you are

  • Figuring out how retirement savings works when you’re self employed

  • Start budgeting, if you don’t already

  • Setting aside assumptions about what gets a spot in your budget - and what doesn’t - and looking at it with fresh eyes.

One exercise that I talk about in the video that can be really powerful is to look through your budget (or bank statements if you don’t have a budget yet) and ask yourself what areas of your spending do you want to keep? Oftentimes we approach this from the perspective of what we want to get rid of (or think we “should” get rid of). Instead, I encourage you to ask yourself to go through and muse on what you’d never get rid of. What would you keep - exactly as it is? What ‘brings you joy’, in the Marie Kondo sense?

Me? I love spending money on doing fun stuff with my daughter - taking her out for breakfast, on a tour of a farm, to a museum, away for the weekend. In fact, as this video airs, I’m in Florida with her to watch a rocket launch and hang out where the astronauts do, because there is no almost-three-year-old in the world who loves space as much as this girl. When I cut something else out of my budget, that allows me to put even more of my resources behind doing trips just like this one.

What would you like to have even more room in your budget for? Pop your answer in the comments! And if you need a little help with your own budget, check out one of my workshops.