Lynne Somerman
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Here’s what I know.

You’re a busy entrepreneur. Like, stupid busy. You’ve got your work, your family, and your life to manage. You do OK financially, but you sure aren’t saving like you thought you would. And shouldn’t you have less debt by now? And like…a plan for retirement? 

Sure, you’ve got a system for your money. You've got a few different bank accounts and credit cards to keep things separate, at least one budgeting, saving, or investing app on your phone, and probably an old Excel spreadsheet somewhere...except none of that actually helped you feel in control of your money, did it? 

You’ve definitely made some progress over the last few years. You’re not worried about getting the bills paid (at least not all the time), but you want to stop treading water. You’re sure there’s stuff you’re supposed to be doing, but who has time to deal with that stuff?

Hmm…I heard about this nerd who does exactly that.

Image: Leslie Knope points to herself and says “that’s me”

Image: Leslie Knope points to herself and says “that’s me”

Ready to do this?



My finances were complicated and overwhelming to me. For a long time, I had no idea if I was in the black or red and my yearly tax situation was a total disaster. Lynne has magically been able to make sense of it all and been integral with figuring out how I'm doing financially with my business and personal finances. She has trained me to be more mindful in all areas of my business, and I've been paying off my credit card debt and have started paying monthly taxes, so there are no surprises at the end of the year. - Michael Riscica, 



Lynne is at once grounded in practical, technical advice on finances, with the warmest heart, which is the more important piece for those of us who feel a lot of shame or resignation about the state of our financial lives. 

   -Katie G



I'm SO glad we connected! I truly have a relationship with money I didn't even know was possible. Thank you. Next month, we're going to celebrate our anniversary by staying overnight, by ourselves! at a local resort. Before working with you, I would have pulled out the credit card, *hoped* I had enough money to cover it, did it anyway, and then spent SO much energy *wondering* if I should have done it, before, during and after this "nice" thing I planned for us. Now, we're just going -- it's in the budget! And, the *experience* that brings me, and my whole family, is incredibly moving: I get to just be with my family and have fun, instead of being with my wondering about money. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You gave me tools, yes, but the impact you have had has given me my family. It's the most important thing. *happy tears*

-Laurie J.