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Taking Care of Business

A 6-month financial strategy partnership to uplevel your profitability, get major clarity + confidence on the numbers in your business, and downgrade your $tress levels for good (amen).

Fire up the confetti cannons, because it’s time for the good news:

Your business is growing. You’re leveling up.

You’ve embraced your role as CEO — and for the most part, it feels pretty damn good (please place your palm against the screen to receive a virtual hi-five).

But then there’s the catch:

Amidst all this growth, you kinda feel like you’re running around with your pants on fire. (And sometimes, growth really hurts.)

You’re inundated every day with decision after decision — choices that you, and only you, must make to help your business grow.

It’s overwhelming. Exhausting. At times, it feels like you’re playing an entrepreneurial guessing game when it comes to making important financial choices about your business.

Be cool. Because I’m about to help you douse those flames and get clarity where you need it most.

But first, holler at me if the following sounds familiar…

Whether your business is stalling or in a season of growth, it’s totally common to have more questions than answers...

(Phew — you’re not an idiot after all!)

But knowing that you’re normal doesn’t help you figure out sticky questions like:


How much can I really afford to pay myself? (And what’s it gonna take to earn six-freakin-figures after taxes and expenses?)

Are my revenue goals realistic, and am I on track to reach them? What might get in my way, that I can’t see yet?

Can I go to Bali this year without bringing my cash flow to a standstill?

Can I start doing live events or workshops without blowing up my bank account (in a bad way)?

Can I afford to run these Facebook Ads right now? If so… how much?

Should I invest in this course about scaling, or hire this awesome business coach I’m totally crushing on?

Does it make sense to hire this virtual assistant? Can I afford to bring on an employee; or should I keep doing this task I hate myself?

Is it ever OK to go into debt to grow my business? 


So when you’re sick of being the hardest working and lowest paid person in your business… who do you turn to for help?

➡️ Maybe you already have a bookkeeper — but helping you make strategic decisions about your business is waaaay above their pay grade.

➡️ Your accountant might come in handy during tax-time, but what about the other 350+ days of the year when you need strategic financial guidance… and they’re nowhere to be found (or seem to speak exclusively in zeroes and ones, when what you need is PLAIN ENGLISH)?

➡️ Vague advice from business books, blogs and podcasts — not to mention the unsolicited financial advice from your Uncle Jed who sold some stuff on eBay that one time — is gettin’ real old.

In short? You’re left making decisions on the fly and hoping they’ll pay off.

That’s no way to run a business. And it’s no way to live. (Just ask your stress levels.)

This is where I fly in on my fiscally-responsible unicorn and tell you…

121_Melissa-Mullen-Photography COPY.jpg

I’m Lynne. And I can help.

Consider me your bright and shiny financial coach, numbers nerd, and troubleshooter-slash-cheerleader in all things money related — so you can get back to being the cool, calm and collected CEO you were meant to be.

As your financial coach, it’s my job help you make sense of the numbers and use them to propel your business forward.

Because you don’t just need up to date, accurate books.

You also need someone who speaks the language of numbers and the language of, well… humans…

… So you can step back into the role of being the visionary and leader, armed with the support and information you need to make strategic + smart financial choices that will move the needle in your business.



My finances were complicated and overwhelming to me. For a long time, I had no idea if I was in the black or red and my yearly tax situation was a total disaster. Lynne has magically been able to make sense of it all and been integral with figuring out how I'm doing financially with my business and personal finances. She has trained me to be more mindful in all areas of my business, and I've been paying off my credit card debt and have started paying monthly taxes, so there are no surprises at the end of the year. - Michael Riscica, 


With me in your corner, you’ll know exactly where to invest, when to reign your spending in, and where you stand financially — every single month.

This information is pure, unadulterated power. It’s change-making.

(And, damn — it feels G-O-O-D.)

  • It’s the difference between wingin’ your business plan on hopes and dreams, or having a clear + strategic vision… with an expert by your side to help you track, adjust and pivot every step of the way.

  • It’s the difference between seeing your financial statements at the end of the year and feeling proud and excited by your progress — or feeling a lurch in your stomach when you’re hit with unexpected tax repayments and less-than-stellar profits.
  • It’s the difference between being able to sleep easy at night — every night — knowing that when it comes to your business finances, you’ve got this… or being plagued by business conundrums 24/7…  without a Blue’s Clue how to fix them, and no one to turn to for advice.

So, I moustache you a question...

(If we’re going to work together, you should know upfront that I never met a pun I didn’t like.)


How would it feel to have the big-picture insights and strategic guidance you need to make meaningful, confident and empowered decisions about your business?


How would it feel to have an experienced financial coach you can turn to and ask the hard, confusing, scary questions about managing your money like a pro?


How would it feel to know your most important numbers, inside and out — and start EVERY month knowing exactly what you have to do to get your business healthy, profitable and primed for growth?

Well, my (not so) moustachio’ed friend…

I’m going to answer that question for you and say it would be pretty freakin’ awesome.

And that’s EXACTLY what Taking Care of Business is all about.

Lynne knows her stuff, didn't make me feel like I'm doing anything wrong (soooo much crap around money, right!?), is super patient, explained things well, and generally was just a pleasure to work with! - Amy A.


Taking Care of Business

A 6-month financial strategy partnership to uplevel your profitability, get major clarity + confidence on the numbers in your business, and downgrade your $tress levels for good (amen).

Every month, over 6 business-changing (and mighty fun) months, Taking Care of Business gives you:

A “do this, not that” financial coach by your side

As a financial coach who specializes in small business (and helping the powerhouse people that run them), I’m here to help you make sense of the numbers and answer the hard questions like:  

“Can I afford that hire?” “What should I invest in?” “Where am I wasting money?” “What about business debt, quarterly taxes, giving myself a raise AND SO MUCH MORE?”

It’s time to stop guessing, stressing, and avoiding your finances — because with me on your side, YOU’VE SO GOT THIS.

After I do an in-depth review of where you’re at, we’ll create a plan together for moving forward. Then, we’ll check in twice a month, every month, to go over the figures together to help you stay on track and adjust where needed (it’s not scary, and I’m excellent at holding hands when required).

You’ll FINALLY get the guidance you need on how to improve your profitability and fix up the money sinkholes in your business. In actual human-speak.

Meaningful growth

Your business needs to be profitable, but it also needs to be meaningful. We’ll set and measure financial goals that align with your values and how you want to run your business.

(Because your business should — NAY, MUST — sustain you, not drain you.)

Let’s turn those  spreadsheets and reports into smart decisions that help you grow — so you can stop drowning in numbers and arm yourself with the key insights you need to drive your business forward (instead of driving yourself into the ground).

If you like the idea of getting back to your “zone of genius”, we’re about to become best friends.

Because you’ll also get… (and this one’s a biggie)…

Financial confidence and clarity in your business (kinda priceless).


Let’s be real: being an entrepreneur ain’t easy. It can be unpredictable, scary and stressful.

But the feeling of knowing that you’ve got your finances handled? Of being able to say, every month, that you know where your money is going, your expenses are in balance with what you’re making, and that you have everything you need to make confident decisions about growing your business and GETTING PAID?

(And someone qualified to turn to when you’re not sure — someone who really gets you, your business, and what you’re trying to achieve?)

It’s euphoric. It’s more calming than sinking into that one part of your couch that's perfectly molded to your butt (cozy blanket optional) after a long, hard week of being a boss.

It’s the satisfaction of being asked, “So how’s the business?” and not hesitating to say, “Better than ever, thanks for asking CAROL” without a hint of sarcasm — because it’s true.

Have I got your attention yet?


Here’s EXACTLY what to expect during our 6 months together:



We’ll explore:

  • Current state mapping (what’s going on right now, where are you finding friction, what’s working and what’s not?)

  • Ideal state mapping (what sort of business are you trying to build, what sort of work do you want to be doing? How can we get your numbers support you in that?)

  • Basic business structure (how do you make money? Where does it go? Do you like doing business this way?)


We’ll explore:

  • How do you currently handle bookkeeping and financial planning? How is this working for you?

  • Financial reports (how to read them, how to use them, what matters and what doesn’t)

  • Getting in touch with reality (current state profitability, short term cash flow projections →  to get a feel for where you are and where you’re headed financially)


We’ll explore:

  • How much can you afford to pay yourself now?

  • How much do you actually pay yourself now?

  • How much do you want to pay yourself?

  • How and how much do you pay your people? How is this working for you?

  • How do you know how much to pay someone?

  • And how do you calculate the return on investment of it?




We'll explore:

  • Why your business needs a budget
  • How to make a budget for your business that actually works

  • How to use a budget to make decisions

  • OPTIONAL: My team can set up a business budget FOR you and I'll teach you how to manage it properly


We'll explore:

  • How and why to do cash flow forecasting

  • How to understand cash flow forecasts

  • How to use cash flow forecasts to plan ahead, stay sane and stop losing sleep at night about whether you have enough money coming in, at the right time


We'll explore:

  • How to create workflows in your business to make maintaining and tracking your finances simple and intuitive, and a FUN part of your regular schedule

  • Creating strong financial habits to move from “reacting” to being proactive and in control.

Doing business alone and struggling to make sense of the numbers by yourself is the pits (unless you were born with an abacus in your hand like me)*.

*may or may not be an embellishment. I'll never tell.

It’s time to Take Care of Business together.

Your investment:

$997/mo for 6 months (plus a one-time $497 onboarding fee)


As a reminder, you get:

  • 90 minute  kick-off call (come warts n’ all, and we’ll make a plan for figuring EVERYTHING out together).

  • FULL review and financial analysis of your past 6 months of bookkeeping before our kick-off session.

  • Twice monthly 60-minute strategy calls to review your numbers, plan for your profitability and cash flow, and get your money questions answered.

  • Year-end coordination with your bookkeeper and tax preparer.

  • Unlimited email support from Lynne at any time.


You’ll be taken to an online scheduler to arrange a free call with me to chat about working together and if it’s the right fit for both of us.

(And if the answer is no, I’ll be the first to tell you. Warm yet brutal honesty and numbers are my two favorite things, followed closely by dark chocolate peanut butter cups, crisp new notebooks, and seeing someone’s eyes light up when they finally “get” their money stuff.)

Here’s how I’ve helped these small business powerhouses take care of business:

1) I helped Jenn find $2300/MO in additional PROFIT in our very first kick-off session (yelling a little because OMG)

2) Mike's revenue went up 70%, AND he retained 93% of that growth as profit.

3) Lauren increased her net worth by 10K in just 6 months of working together

Here’s how Taking Care of Business goes down:

  1. Once your client agreement and one-time setup fee is taken care of, you’ll provide me with access to your current bookkeeping system (if you have one).

  2. You and I will have a 90 minute, one-on-one kick-off session to discuss your goals, start mapping out a plan, set targets and answer your pressing questions, pronto (and, if necessary, stem any bleeding in your biz).

  3. We’ll also meet TWICE A MONTH to review your progress, make sense of the numbers and what they mean for your business, and answer all of your questions about becoming the boss of your business’ numbers.

Who is this for? 

  • You feel like the bigger you grow, the more money you spend, and you want that to change. Growth without profit doesn’t appeal to you
  • You have this feeling that you’re wasting money but you’re not sure where. You want to find ways to invest in your business without throwing off your ability to pay yourself and your other expenses.
  • You’re sick of working SO HARD, all the time — and you’re ready to create a plan to get more profitable (and get on top of the not-so-fun stuff like debt, quarterly taxes, and everything else in between).
  • You need someone to sit down with you, understand your goals, and work with you to turn the numbers into tools that will help you make smart + meaningful decisions in your business.

  • You provide services or teach, coach, or consult (either online or offline). 

Who is this not for? 

  • You want to be completely hands-off with your business finances and never ever have to think or talk about money again, ostrich-style (a head in the sand isn’t exactly the most profitable strategy.)

  • Your business is struggling to attract new customers and you’re in dire financial straits.
  • You’re not a services business (i.e. you sell physical goods.) If you sell digital products or courses, that’s A-OK! 

Interested? Intrigued? Ready to make it happen?

Then it’s time to make a move:

Step 1: Click the button below to schedule a free chat with me.


Step 2: After scheduling, you’ll receive a link to a quick questionnaire about your business, to give me the background info I need about where you need help.


Step 3: On our call, we’ll decide if we’re a good fit — and we’ll start the onboarding process after we’ve arranged your contract and one-time setup fee (this fee covers my review of your past 6-months of bookkeeping with a magnifying glass and a fancy fine-toothed comb).


Step 4: Impromptu dance party! (Totally optional, but you’ll definitely want to bust a move with me on your side. Don’t say you weren’t warned…)

You’ll be taken to an online scheduler to arrange a free, zero-obligation call to chat about working together.

After working with Lynne, I feel much more in control of where my money goes and how much I can spend. I used to feel like my money would come in and then it would be gone and now I am prepared for my bills and am saving money to put towards my business and future goals/dreams like I've always wanted. - Michelle T

Totally normal questions you might have about this thing:

+ Do I need to be using a specific accounting or bookkeeping system to work with you?

Nope! I’m intimately familiar with You Need a Budget (YNAB) (yes, you can do your biz books in that), Xero and Quickbooks — all of which can work, depending on the size and complexity of your business.

Some of my clients also DIY their books and manage their money in a spreadsheet, which is totally fine too. (We can discuss systems, and whether it makes sense for you to switch to something different. Just click the buttons on this page to book in a time to speak with me.)

+ Do I need to have my books and finances in order before we work together?

Nope! This is a “come as you are”, judgement-free zone.

HOWEVER — during our six months together, I’ll kind of be like your virtual house guest. I won’t care if there are some dishes in your sink and the floor needs a vacuum… but I don’t want to hang out if there’s poop on your walls, a family of racoons living in your attic and mysterious sticky spots on the couch cushions.

(That’s code for: it’s best if your books are up to date, please don’t do anything illegal, and we’ll figure out the rest together).

NOTE: If your books are out of date, haven’t been updated in several months, or you suspect they might be messy, I’m going to recommend that you work with a bookkeeper to get them straightened out first. I’ve got some great recommendations - just ask.

+ Why 6 months? Can’t I just pay for help for a single month?

Nope! Taking Care of Business is structured as a 6 month program because I’ve worked with more than enough business owners to observe a trend: real change is slow and growth requires persistence and dedication.

If someone is promising you financial transformation overnight, please throw something heavy at them and RUN in the opposite direction.

I want to work alongside you for 6 months to make sure you get the help and support you need to see real, long-term, sustainable growth (which means MUCH more money in your pocket in the long-run).

If you’re not sure whether you REALLY need 6 months of support, use the buttons on this page to arrange a no obligation call with me. We’ll talk about what you’ve got going on and I’ll help you figure out the right move for you — whether that means working with me or something different.

+ First, ARE YOU A UNICORN? And secondly, will you take care of my bookkeeping for me too?

Well, yes… in the sense that I’ve mastered the fine art of helping business owners turn abstract numbers into meaningful and ACTIONABLE insights. (If you’ve ever tried to ask your bookkeeper or accountant for financial strategy that makes sense, you KNOW how hard this is to come by.)

Secondly, bookkeeping is NOT a part of my current service menu. BUT I do have some fabulous and very smart people I can put you in touch with to make sure your books are in tip-top shape while we’re working together (just ask).

+ What if my business and personal finances are mixed?

That’s no problem. I’ll coach you through the how + why of separating them when we work together (it’s for the best and will save you a lot of stress in the future).

+ Do you offer this service for my personal finances, too?

Yes, absolutely (and you can also check out my personal financial coaching service right here). Reach out to discuss which one is the best fit for you.

You’ll be taken to an online scheduler to arrange a free, zero-obligation call to chat about working together.