Lynne Somerman
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Are you tired of living like this?

I am on a mission to help folks stop feeling so damn bad about money all the time.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs - especially women - feel empowered about money.

I’m all about practical skill building, habit change, and mindset work (because letting the way we think and feel about money ruin our ability to boss it around is so 2018).

I believe that managing your money well is radical self-care, and my goal is to turn this big hard thing in your life into something that you love.

Are you in?


online classes & workshops

I teach LIVE, online workshops about using the software You Need a Budget (YNAB) - a system I’ve been using for well over a decade and have taught to hundreds of people. Whether you’re a newbie or just looking to learn everything this life-changing tool can do, I’ve got you. Sessions are live, small group sessions with replays provided to students.

1:1 Coaching

If you want to learn how to manage your finances in a way that feels empowering; if you want to learn budgeting as self-care; if you need to be able to manage your money as a couple without losing your marriage or your mind, one-on-one coaching may be right for you.

I specialize in working with entrepreneurs and self-employed folks. Bring your weird, mixed up business-but-also-personal books that haven’t been updated in a year. Not sure how much you’re supposed to pay yourself, or what you’re supposed to do with it once you do? I’m your gal.


"Dude. The stress you're feeling around your money is a total waste of energy. Look this goblin in the eye and get in touch with Lynne. She's not going to judge you, she just wants to help women get their shit straight, so they can save up and protect themselves. She's seen it all. Lynne was calming, nonjudgemental, and generous with her time. She has a lot of patience and compassion for those who don't really know what they're doing in the money world. It was a demystifying experience. I'm super happy with my decision to work together."

- Caroline M.

You Need a Budget (Consultant)

Are you half in tears because you can’t get your shiny new You Need a Budget (YNAB) up and running? Not sure how you’re supposed to handle things with a partner, in your business, or in your super-specific-scenario that you’re sure no one else has? (I’ve probably seen it).

I’ve been using YNAB for well over a decade and I’ve helped hundreds of people absolutely master it as a tool - both in their personal lives and as a business budget and bookkeeping tool. Get in touch and someone on my team will turn you into a stark raving mad YNAB fan in no time.



Lynne is an actual wizard. I have dyscalculia (basically numbers are a language I can't speak) so the thought of budgeting for my business was terrifying. After just one session with Lynne I felt so much more confident that I could do it, and now I plan my budget every month and track my money every day with no anxiety. Actually literally magic. Thank you Lynne!

- Tris Moon



Want to learn about money in a way that is not only helpful but actually fun and engaging? Have me speak at your next event, present a private workshop to your organization, or as a guest expert in your program or podcast.


Lynne led a professional development session about personal budgeting at my organization. Her smart, tough-love presentation and kind-yet-hardcore facilitation had the room transfixed - about budgeting! In the weeks that followed, multiple participants confided in me that those few hours with Lynne inspired them to take control of their money, and start aligning the way they live with their values.

The session turned out to be the ultimate team building exercise. It brought us all closer to each other, and also to achieving our individual financial dreams! I cannot recommend Lynne enough.

-Erin Dotson, Private Family Foundation, NYC