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Do You Need a Budget (Workshop)?

get help from a seasoned ynab nerd

No matter your level of expertise (or lack thereof) with You Need a Budget (YNAB), I’ve got you covered. Check out my LIVE, online, small group workshops below!


This workshop was a game changer! I'm actually excited about budgeting. Thank you!

Rachel L., YNAB 101 student


Which class should you take?

Beginners and newbies, if you:

  • Have never used YNAB before, but you know you want to try it out (and don’t want to do it alone)

  • Tried YNAB before, but you got frustrated or overwhelmed by setting it up

  • Want to make sure you do it right the first time, and not waste tons of time making mistakes along the way

Then you should take YNAB 101.

Business owners, if you:

Already use YNAB? If you:

  • Already use YNAB in your personal life and are curious about using it in your business as well, and

  • Find Quickbooks/Xero to be too much and hard to keep updated, and want something simple, and

  • Have a service based business or sell digital products

Then you should check out Your Business Needs a Budget

  • Have already set up YNAB, but aren’t sure you’re doing it right, or suspect there’s more you could be doing

  • Are excited about the possibilities of YNAB and are ready to get nerdy

  • Want to learn about things like credit cards, reimbursements, and budgeting templates (oh my!)

Then you should Take Your Budget Up a Notch with me.


All classes held online, and recordings are provided. Huzzah!

Class sizes are limited so I can provide more personalized attention.

Can’t make these times?

This workshop was a game changer! I’d spent hours trying to figure out YNAB on my own. I’d given up more than a few times. One hour of your clear, practical explanations was the info I needed. I’m actually excited about budgeting!
— Rachel L., YNAB 101 student


Upcoming Classes


Got questions?

+ Do I get a recording of the workshop if I sign up?

Of course! You'll get a link to the replay within a few days of the live workshop.

+ Can my partner and I come together, or do we need to register separately?

Because of the small-group nature of the classes, please register separately. Class sizes are capped to make sure everyone gets time to ask questions, so this ensures we don't overfill classes.

+ What is the refund policy?

Once you register for the workshop, there are no refunds. If you're unable to attend the class live, however, don't fret! You'll get a replay just like everyone else, so you can watch at a time that makes sense for you.

If you'd prefer to transfer your registration to another workshop or upcoming session of the same workshop, email and we'll take care of ya!

+ I can't make any of these times, what do I do?

I get it - live classes are great (until you have a scheduling conflict).

You've got a few options here:

+ I think I need more help than this workshop will cover. Halp?

Got you covered, my friend. Let's connect about how I can help!

+ What is YNAB/which workshop is right for me/I'm confused about something

Email Katie at and we'll get you squared away in two shakes of a lamb's tail.


Photo by Kickass Masterminds

Photo by Kickass Masterminds

Your Teacher

Hi! I’m Lynne. I get pretty excited about budgeting. Some info about me:

  • I’ve been using You Need a Budget (YNAB) since 2005. (That’s 14 years, number-phobes).

  • I use YNAB as my only bookkeeping tool, and I help lots of others do the same thing. (Sorry, Quickbooks! You’re just so not for me).

  • I am an emphatic YNAB fan, and make 100% of my clients use it, and can’t shut up about it any time someone gets even a single drop of pinot noir in me.

  • I’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to use YNAB. It’s sortof my jam.

  • I’m in no way affiliated with YNAB the company, and am not paid to promote their product (though if I was, I’d be typing this from entrepreneur-island in Bali, rather than from my home office in Maine).