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Your Business Needs a Budget

60 min + Q&a

Love YNAB, hate Quickbooks, and longing for a way to use YNAB for your business?

Got a hankering to look at your business’ books and actually know what it means?

Looking for a simple, clear way to DIY your bookkeeping so tax time isn’t such a headache?

You’ve come to the right place.



Your Business Needs a Budget

In this LIVE training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your chart of accounts using YNAB categories

  • Handle tracking multiple revenue streams

  • Manage basic accounts receivable

  • Creating a budget for your business, so you can finally have confidence and clarity about your cash flow

  • Deal with the occasional mixing of business and personal expenses

Next session:

Monday, December 9, 2019
@ 10:30 AM Eastern Time

All this for only $97 $77?!

Register today - spots are limited so that individualized attention can be given in this live class.


Who’s this workshop for?  

  • Business owners running a service based business, or selling digital products

  • You're familiar with the basics of how to use YNAB (i.e. how to add accounts, edit categories, and budget money)

  • You’re ready to ditch Quickbooks for something that is easy to DIY and to actually know what your books are telling you - for once

  • Your business and personal expenses are at least mostly separated

Who’s this NOT for?  

  • You’ve never used YNAB before, or tried but never figured out how to use it, like, at all. (I’ve got a workshop for you).

  • You’re looking for one-on-one help, maybe because you’ve got a super specific topic you need individual help with

  • Your business and personal expenses are mostly mixed together

  • If you need to track inventory or if you want a system that handles payroll, invoicing, and/or receipts within the same tool (though I’m happy to recommend auxiliary products for these that I use in addition to YNAB)

Register today - spots are limited so that individualized attention can be given in this live class.


Got questions?

+ Do I get a recording of the workshop if I sign up?

Of course! You'll get a link to the replay within a few days of the live workshop.

+ Can my partner and I come together, or do we need to register separately?

Because of the small-group nature of the classes, please register separately. Class sizes are capped to make sure everyone gets time to ask questions, so this ensures we don't overfill classes.

+ What is the refund policy?

Once you register for the workshop, there are no refunds. If you're unable to attend the class live, however, don't fret! You'll get a replay just like everyone else, so you can watch at a time that makes sense for you.

If you'd prefer to transfer your registration to another workshop or upcoming session of the same workshop, email and we'll take care of ya!

+ I can't make any of these times, what do I do?

I get it - live classes are great (until you have a scheduling conflict).

You've got a few options here:

+ I think I need more help than this workshop will cover. Halp?

Got you covered, my friend. Let's connect about how I can help!

+ What is YNAB/which workshop is right for me/I'm confused about something

Email Katie at and we'll get you squared away in two shakes of a lamb's tail.


Can’t make it? Not to worry!

All students who register will get a replay in your inbox.


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Photo by Kickass Masterminds

Photo by Kickass Masterminds

Your Teacher

Hi! I’m Lynne. I get pretty excited about budgeting. Some info about me:

  • I’ve been using You Need a Budget (YNAB) since 2005. (That’s 14 years, number-phobes).

  • I run my business books entirely in YNAB, and have helped lots of folks do the same thing (Sorry, Quickbooks, you’re so not for me!)

  • I am an emphatic YNAB fan, and make 100% of my clients use it, and can’t shut up about it any time someone gets even a single drop of pinot noir in me.

  • I’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to use YNAB. It’s sortof my jam.

  • I’m in no way affiliated with YNAB the company, and am not paid to promote their product (though if I was, I’d be typing this from entrepreneur-island in Bali, rather than from my home office in Maine).